Who Is Responsible for Cutting Overhanging Tree Branches in Schenectady, NY?

Overhanging tree branches can often be dangerous for residents. If you have a tree in your yard that has sagging branches, you may be asking yourself the question, “Who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches?” To learn more about how to handle overhanging tree branches on your property line responsibly, consider reading this article by On A Limb Tree Care, a tree service company in Schenectady, NY.

Who Is Responsible for Cutting Overhanging Tree Branches?

For overhanging tree branches on a property line, the responsibility falls to who the tree belongs to. Trimming tree branches over a property line’s legality depends on which side of the property line a tree is on. 

The cost of trimming overhanging branches on a neighbor’s tree falls on the neighbor, even if the tree overhangs your property. The base of the tree determines to whom the tree belongs, making mediation for disputes over tree branches entirely dependent on the property line, not the tree’s overhanging branches.

So in summary, who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches? The answer, at the end of the day, depends on where the tree is located.

How To Prevent Overhanging Tree Branches

Local tree-trimming laws and regulations demand that trees be safe, or taken down. It’s always better to prevent falling branches whenever possible, helping minimize damage and avoid injury. To help prevent overhanging branches, consider pruning your tree often so that you can prevent overgrowth.

As you consider pruning, remember that trimming branches is a delicate affair for most trees; trimming too many can injure a tree in a permanent way, which is why it can be favorable to call a professional onto the scene instead. When pruning, consider the time of year as well; winter and early spring are favorable seasons, while your tree is relatively dormant. Getting professional support for your overhanging branches can make a world of difference for your tree, helping it stay light enough and flexible enough to withstand greater winds through each season.

Work With On A Limb Tree Care

It’s important to take care of your trees to avoid the hazards of overhanging tree branches. We’re here to help. On a Limb Tree Care takes great pride in handling your tree needs, whether you need a tree removed or just pruned. All of our arborists are capable of securing a tree removal permit so there’s no delay in getting your tree matters settled.

With On A Limb Tree Care, you’ll receive an experience with employees who commit to your tree and yard. We’ll leave it better than we found it with our expert services that include:

  • Stump removal
  • Tree removal
  • Tree transplanting
  • Tree pruning

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Who is responsible for cutting overhanging tree branches?” why not get a tree expert to help trim your trees? If you want to learn more about how On a Limb Tree Care can help you, call or text 518-951-5221.

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