Meticulous Tree Removal in Albany, NY

Meticulous Tree Removal in Albany, NY

by | Jul 11, 2024

When an Albany, NY, homeowner noticed a tree encroaching on their fence in the spring, they knew they needed reliable tree removal. After searching, “Tree removal near me” the residents believed they could trust the reputation of On a Limb Tree Care to provide the tree removal service they needed.

The company exercised great care in removing the tree. They successfully removed the tree and removed any trace it grew there. The client loved the results and appreciated that the company treated their yard as though it were their own.

Project Overview for Tree Removal in Albany, NY

  • Client profile: Homeowner
  • Location: Albany, NY
  • Type of serviceTree removal
  • Tree size: Between 25 and 30 feet
  • Equipment and products used: Spider lift
  • Service frequency: One-time job
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific challenges: The tree encroached on a fence and started to cause damage to it.
  • Additional services: The client also requested total cleanup.

Successful Tree Trimming in Albany, NY

The homeowner required emergency tree removal because the growing tree damaged a fence on the property. As an experienced tree removal company, On a Limb Tree Care knew they could complete the work without issue.

The company determined they could use the simple tree-cutting method to remove the tree in pieces. With a spider lift and a limited crew, they completed the job quickly, leaving no trace of their work. After removing the tree, the homeowner could begin repairing the damage to their fence.

Overcoming Challenges for Hazardous Tree Removal in Albany, NY

The professional tree removal job posed some significant challenges for On a Limb Tree Care. The tree encroached on an existing fence and its significant height meant the crew could cause more damage if they didn’t practice careful cutting and hauling.

The company completed the work quickly and without causing any further damage to the fence because they used precise work and conscientious hauling. The client expressed thanks to the company and could promptly schedule repairs for their fence. The yard looked pristine and offered little evidence a tree once grew at the location.

Creating Happy Customers After Albany Tree Removal

On a Limb Tree Care successfully removed the tree, and the Albany homeowner could once again enjoy their yard without worry.

The company used its experience and expertise to remove the tree without issue. They established a long-term relationship with the client.

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