Tree Removal in Albany, NY, Makes a Client’s Property Safer

Tree Removal in Albany, NY, Makes a Client’s Property Safer

by | Jun 14, 2024

Subject: A Case Study Detailing On A Limb Tree Care’s Satisfactory Hazardous Tree Removal in Albany, NY

A Cottonwood tree required professional tree removal services from On A Limb Tree Care. The Albany property owner feared the tree could fall toward and destroy their house. Our case study explores how we navigated the specimen’s impressive height and width and left the client’s property perfectly tidy. 


Tree Removal in Albany


  • Client Profile: Residential
  • Location: Albany, NY
  • Type of Service: Tree Removal
  • Duration: One day 
  • Service Frequency: One Time Project
  • Equipment Used: Ariel Lift, Mini Skid Steer, Chipper, Trucks, Log Loader, Stump Grinder
  • Season: Spring
  • Specific Challenges: The client needed a tree removed from the front of their house. The team used heavy equipment and extensive experience to safely maneuver the specimen pieces into trucks for debris removal. They tidied up before leaving the site. 
  • Tree Type: Large Cottonwood Tree


Tree Removal in Albany


A Client’s Concerns About Tree Damage to Home

A homeowner in Albany, New York, contacted On A Limb Tree Care about a Cottonwood tree overshadowing their house. Despite its sturdiness, the tree posed a potential threat should a powerful storm dislodge large branches or uproot the trunk. The company’s arborists protected the client’s property.  

Hazardous Tree Removal Process

The tree removal company performs hazardous or emergency tree removal when a specimen is dangerous for people or property. The Cottonwood in this case study qualifies because of its position. A gentle slope in front of it and the house meant that erosion could remove significant quantities of dirt, leaving the roots bare and unstable. 

Limb Removal

The tree removal service began with using an Ariel lift to elevate the arborists. Then, they pruned the limbs. The ground team gathered them for removal. 

Removing the Trunk and Stump

The next step of the tree-cutting process involved slicing the trunk into manageable pieces. The team loaded the pieces into chippers to make mulch, and trucks took away excess chunks. 

Finally, the crew used a stump grinder to remove the leftover stump. They filled the hole in the ground with dirt and mulch, leaving a clean, safe yard. 

Handling Obstacles

This service involved numerous challenges due to the tree’s size and location. The crew used various types of heavy equipment to complete the service within a day.  

Making Properties Safer in Albany, NY

Albany residents seeking “tree removal near me” can turn to On A Limb Tree Care for exceptional services. They can eliminate hazardous trees and protect residential properties like they did for the client in this study. 


Tree Removal in Albany


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